Christmas, Last Minute Parties, New Years’ and all that Jazz!

Christmas is here, don’t fret we know some of you must be having panic attacks about what to wear and what to buy for your family.

So as always we are here to cast out magick and rescue you!

So Ladies here’s how you can keep it hot this winter!


Voodoo Vixen Lucy Leopard Print Dress




BlackMagick- Casting its Magick!

We spoke to a few bloggers out there about our foray into this new world of fashion and beauty, and we have only received positive reviews so far, which makes us happy, so to share our happiness with others watch out for blackmagick freebies everywhere.

These gems are hidden across the internet, so if you are able to hunt them and get your hands on these exclusive voodoo vixen, hell bunny, H&R London, stargazer, la riche direction freebies then well you’re a handful of lucky ones.

However for those of you who can’t don’t worry, we will soon offer a tonne of discounts, vouchers, freebies and much more all you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and then the surprises will keep coming.


Are You Looking For a Change?

The only thing constant in life is change. And for those of you who are in this change phase and looking for some inspiration, why not experiment with some alternative fashion?

So what is alternative fashion? Well most commonly it is something that you don’t follow and otherwise it could also be something that is not mainstream.

So punk, gothic, vintage, classic something that’s only part of your ‘party’ wardrobe but you wouldn’t wear it on a regular basis, but since you were looking for inspiration and stumbled upon this website, let me not disappoint you.

Here are a few looks that you can make part of your ‘change’ phase.

Voodoo Vixen brings you the everyday dress

Voodoo Vixen Black Jane Polka Dot Dress

         Voodoo Vixen Black Jane Polka Dot Dress

Going to work? uni? brunch? or just running errands while looking good? Then Voodoo Vixen’s Black Jane Polka dress is perfect, you don’t even need to accessorize cause the dress has so many elements going on for itself.

A little black dress is a must have! But how is that alternative you ask? Well with a collar and lace it becomes vintage, so the killer combination of a little black dress and a vintage dress is sure to make you look like a model straight out of 70′s Vogue .

Voodoo Vixen Black Maxine Floral Print Dress

        Voodoo Vixen Black Maxine Floral Print Dress

A dash of colour also makes your dress stand out and again you don’t need to worry about accessorizing too much, just carry a clutch and wear stilettos and you’re all set to go.

We have a matching clutch to go with this dress for you, so you don’t need to worry about hunting for a clutch too.

Banned Flocked Black Red Bow Wallet Purse

          Banned Flocked Black Red Bow Wallet Purse

This clutch from Banned will go with not just the dress from Voodoo Vixen but also any other outfit, though in order to not make it mainstream you can limit its appearance only for a few occasions.


Now for those of you who want to experiment with their hair and make-up here are a few tips for that as well

If you’re a dare-devil then go for colouring your hair and if you’re a little conservative you can try out the hair extensions whatever it is that you’re looking for we have it even before you ask.

La Riche Directions Hair Dye - Violet

               La Riche Directions Hair Dye – Violet

The La Riche Directions Hair Dye, purple colour is what we call mainstream, however there are other colours also like Pillarbox red, poppy red, lagoon blue, neon blue, turquoise, silver, apple green, spring green, midnight blue and much much more to choose from here, we really are alternative.

How else can you stand out and make a statement? Just one little change can make you stand out, so you can try body glitter of course this is for a night out, or different coloured lenses or a different bag.

With brands like H&R London, Voodoo Vixen, Banned, Hell Bunny, Stargazer, La Riche Directions you are not only assured quality but also the promise of unique fashion that not everyone spots and makes you the trendsetter.

Be quick though as stock is flying off shelves and you don’t wanna miss out!

.And here’s one more thing to rejoice about- When you embrace more than one alternative product from us we will give you a special something just for trying to be different.

What’s In My Handbag?

Because I am a stylist, people always assume I have the most stylish things in my handbag and want to know what I carry around, so here’s a sneak peak into my handbag.

Well first off this is my unique handbag

                                      Banned Check Skull Backpack

and the well today I happened to have only cosmetics in my bag, on other days I do carry around my Ipod (can’t live without it) and a book, so well here’s what’s in my handbag today!



                                  Stargazer Feathered False Eyelashes

these are false eye lashes from stargazer, over the years I have tried a lot of eye lashes, and stargazer exceeds all of them by quality. Also we sometimes have these unexpected events that come up and when there’s no time to dress up these easy to use eyelashes can do wonders in minutes, I think this should be a must have in everyone’s handbag, the best part is they come in different colours have a look here


                                             Stargazer Blusher

call it a co-incidence but today I happen to have packed all stargazer items in my handbag, this is a light pink blusher and as I stay in a very cold climate, I anyway have pink cheeks and don’t need to wear a lot on my face so this works just fine.


                                  Stargazer Face & Body Diamonds

well this is just to add some bling for a night out as with this I don’t need to carry around any other accessories.

This was just a glimpse into what it is in my handbag, now we will run this contest every month and whoever gets close to guessing what I might be carrying around will get a sweet surprise!

What the Happy Customers have to say!

We received a surprise email from one of our customer’s yesterday, she had purchased two dresses from our e-bay store and wasn’t sure about what size she should purchase so she got two for herself and then wanted to return one of them back.

‘I am so happy that I could return the dress and got a refund on it as well, didn’t expect such great customer service and the whole process seemed so hassle free and I absolutely love my H&R London dress, exactly what I was looking for and after looking everywhere finally found it on the Blackmagick store on ebay’.

We are really delighted by these words of appreciation and well to show how delighted we are, a surprise gift is on its way to Catherine’s house.

What is The Difference Between Vintage and Classic?

A lot of people have always wondered what is the difference between vintage and classic? There is a thin line between the two and a little addition and subtraction here and there can make your fashion either classic or vintage.

It is in my opinion that pretty much everyone looks best when sticking to a classic style and then accessorizing in whatever way makes you feel glamorous, I will soon put up a look-book with various styles and accessories that one can play around with for an everyday different look.

As they pictures speak a thousand words, so let’s make this appealing:


Hell Bunny Motley Mini Dress Blue

This is vintage, some might say the ‘American’ Pin-up style

H&R London Red Black Pleats Dress

While this red dress is classy, something that never goes out of fashion

Classic style is a design that has stood the test of time because it is flattering on almost everyone and is never out of style and that is why it is also called as evergreen style.

 Vintage style is usually a classic design that is accessorized in such a way that it hints at a specific period of fashion from a bygone era.

A retro outfit might be accessorized with a vintage brooch and hat, where as a classic style would probably not wear a hat, and keep the accessories subtle.

 Here are a few dresses that can be both classy and vintage depending on the way you style them.

So now that you know what classic and vintage is, let BlackMagick inspire you and get set to rock a new look everyday with a wide range of fashion choices from brands like Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, H&R London, cause the alternate style is now mainstream and you do not want to miss out on that.


Hell Bunny & H& R London Vintage Dresses Mark Down Sale

Just one of the many vintage dresses marked down for sale prices

Black Magick is having a sale on a small selection of Hell Bunny’s 2013 Summer Collection and H&R London’s Vintage Dresses on their main store website and their eBay shop. Black Magick’s price match policy ensures that you will always pay the best prices when buying brand name vintage dresses, skirts and clothing. For more information please check out the following links:

Sale on La Riche Directions Hair Dye

La Riche Directions Hair Dye Sale (£3.45 per Tub)

We’re having a sale on all colour tubs of La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye. For £3.45 for each tub you can purchase whatever colour you choose and have it delivered direct to your door for FREE! These prices are ridiculously low when you consider that there is free delivery and postage and packaging. You can find the sale on at our website or on our eBay shop. All orders made before 4:00pm will be dispatched the same day. Why not buy two to top up your colour and get some before they are all gone! Purchase from the Black Magick Website of the Black Magick eBay Store

Share your style, win festival tickets!

La Riche Directions Festival Giveaway – Share Your Style!
Here’s some news from the makers of one of our favourite and hottest selling products. This Summer, Directions hair colour is giving away a whole heap of music festival tickets in their annual competition to find “The Face of Directions”. All you have to do, is fill out the form on the La Riche website and upload a photograph of you showing off your very best Directions colours. Once approved, your picture will be added to their gallery and will be eligible for voting* and entered in to the competition.

Winner Selection

Winners for all competitions will be chosen throughout the summer.

Latitude & Wireless winners

 The competition for Latitude & Wireless tickets will close on Friday 28th June 2013 with the winners announced on Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

V Festival, Reading & Leeds winners

The competition for V Festival, Reading & Leeds tickets will close on Friday 2nd August 2013 with the winners announced on Wednesday 7th August 2013.

The Face of Directions 2013

The winner of the 2013 Face of Directions, will be announced in September 2013.
So get snapping, share your unique style and enter the competition to win!!!